How do I Cancel?

Cancelling your subscription is ridiculously easy and we stop charging your card right away. No tricks! Just log in to your account and click Cancel Subscription.
(Even if you don't have access to your email account anymore, AND forgot your password, you can still cancel by clicking Log In, then By Credit Card and log in using the credit card details of the card where the subscription is being charged.)

How do I Play?

To play Averish, you will need to create an account by clicking Log In, confirm the account by clicking the link in the email that is automatically sent, get invited, and subscribe. Once you create an account, an easy guide will display. Jonworks Interactive invites one account holder to play Averish each day. You can also be invited by someone who is already playing the game - invitations are unlocked through victories in the game.

How do I report an unauthorized payment?

If you've got a charge from us on your credit card and you have no idea what it is, you can find out by logging in using your credit card details. Click Log In at the top of the screen, then click the By Credit Card link. Whoever made the charge will have their first and last name and confirmed email address displayed. At this time you will also have the option to cancel the subscription and lock the account.

I no longer have access to my email account, AND I forgot my password.

That's a pretty big problem, but it's still technically possible to log in to your account if you have the details for your primary payment method. Click Log In at the top of the screen, then click the By Credit Card link. After that you'll want to change your email address and password.

I never get the emails that ask me to confirm my account or reset password.

Check your spam folder, they are almost definitely in there.

If they're not in there, then your ISP/email provider is auto-rejecting the emails. Our server is definitely sending them out; we've checked it really carefully. Please contact your ISP or email provider and ask them why they're rejecting our emails. We'd love to know, too. RECOMMENDED: Just get a free GMail account and start a new account from there.

The Averish website keeps asking me to log in, or looks weird.

The Averish website says YOU look weird! Just kidding. It thinks you're really attractive. Try clicking Refresh, and if it keeps asking you to log in then clear your browser cache.

I need to change my email address!

If you are not yet a subscriber, the only way to change your email address is to create a new account. If you are, you can log in and click Account to change your email address and other account details.

Can I play from another country?

Of course. Not only are you welcome to play from another country, but it's possible to create your own non-English translation for all the text in Averish. (This will never be a fully supported feature, but instructions are coming soon.)


I get a "SmartScreen" warning from Windows when I try to install?

Some people may get a "SmartScreen" warning when trying to install stating that the application may harm their computer.

SmartScreen is a "feature" introduced by Microsoft that discriminates against small or new software developers. If you get a SmartScreen warning, it's not because our application is harmful, it's because it's NEW and SmartScreen works on a reputation system, meaning that the warning will come up for everyone until a certain amount of people have downloaded the file. (Yes really.)

All you need to do is bypass the warning; there's a guide here:

My antivirus program gives me a warning when I try to install?

It is recommended to disable all antivirus software before installing Averish.

Averish does not contain any viruses and any virus warnings are "false positives". Furthermore if you read the warning carefully, you'll probably notice that your program is not actually reporting a warning specific to Averish, but instead just a warning letting you know that you are installing a new program. (But that's what you told it to do! So why would it warn you?!)

There are at least 100 antivirus programs for sale, and probably more like 1,000, and many of them work on a "whitelist" system meaning that you are only allowed to install applications that your antivirus company has specifically approved. Even if we had the resources to get our application approved with that many companies, it's unlikely that all of them would be responsive enough to make it possible. They may have taken your money and given you nothing but an errand - reading this message and clicking "install anyway" - in return.

Right when I start the game I get a "Network Problems" error.

I assume you have internet access and access to the Averish website, or else how could you be reading this message?!

Please check the following to fix this problem:

Averish (the game not the website) needs to connect to the server through port 4444. Make sure you don't have any firewall option or so-called "anti virus" software turned on that blocks this port.

As a troubleshooting step, you might temporarily turn off all firewalls and antivirus and see if Averish can connect.

You may have some type of ISP or government-level ban preventing you from making the connection. This appears to be the case in South Korea. And presumably North Korea, although I haven't tried it. Wait, do they even have internet? Anyways, all the Koreas. And maybe other places.

Of course, I cannot recommend circumventing measures implemented by your government, because countries without freedom of speech also tend to have cruel and unusual punishment. However, in cases where it is legal to do so the problem can be resolved by connecting through a VPN.

What are the system requirements?

To enjoy Averish you need a modern PC running 64-bit Windows 7,8,8.1,(what happened to 9?), or 10 with at least 8 GB of RAM, an AMD or Intel processor with a minimum of two cores and at least 4500 PassMark CPU marks, and an NVidia or AMD Radeon video card with at least 1 GB of memory. Averish runs well on Intel Iris 540 graphics, a mobile and integrated graphics chip found in the high optioned Surface Pro 4 tablet. I've played through Averish with a GeForce GTX 285, a graphics card that was fast when it was released in 2009, but I wouldn't recommend it - you may see some artifacts and occasional crashes if you play using ten year old, DirectX 10 based hardware.

The Game

Can I play in Single Player mode? OR, How can I make Averish more safe for children?

After subscribing to Averish, it is possible to put your account in "Single Player" mode. Log in to the website, then go to Account, check the box next to Single Player Mode, and click Update Account Details.

In Single Player mode, other players will not be able to send messages to you through the game, which eliminates 99% of the inappropriateness and negativity associated with all multi-player games. However other players will still be able to see what you create in the game world, and if you look outside your Home Town, you will still be able to see what they've built, shop in their stores, and etc.

Through the website, it's easy to toggle Single Player mode on and off any time you want.

PARENTS: This feature is designed so that you can "lock" an installation of the game to Single Player mode. If you withhold the password from the person actually playing the game and log in the installation manually once, then they will not be able to take the game out of Single Player mode because it can only be done through the website. The game remembers the password so you only have to enter it once, but the website requires that it be entered each time you log in.

Why invitation only?

Averish is By Invitation Only so that once a new player joins the game, they will start in a location geographically near the person who invited them, so that everyone can play close to their friends. (It's also possible to fly anywhere in the game world from an airport to visit friends who might not have started near you.) Averish is an ALL PLAYER game, meaning everyone who plays on any system and in any country plays in the same universe and can interact with each other.

Is Averish in Beta?

No, Averish is not beta software, it's a fully done, tested and released product ready to enjoy. That doesn't mean it's perfect, it means I will take responsibility for any problems instead of making a pathetic "it's beta" excuse.

Why subscription? Can't I just buy it?

Averish has to be a subscription game because it costs money every month to keep our servers active so that everyone can play in the same universe. But, it's actually BETTER that Averish is a subscription game anyways! Think about this:

You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription after just paying the low startup cost of the game, instead of paying a much higher price to buy the game. That's how confident I am that you'll like it!

A subscription model incentivizes the developer to keep releasing awesome content to keep the revenue coming in, instead of creating an incentive to just over-hype the game and then abandon it once everyone buys it.

A subscription model allows the developer to release tons of new content without charging any "premium/freemium" content fees. The person who pays the most real-world cash for a game shouldn't have the strategic advantage. That's not fun. I can feel broke in real life.

I was invited by an online retail store where I shop. Is Averish or Jonworks Interactive affiliated?

Jonathan C. Haman, the Guy Who Wrote Averish, (AKA me, since I'm writing this), began his career as an entrepreneur by starting Silicone Intake Systems, seller of turbo support parts for IRL cars. That online retail empire grew with the creation of FrozenBoost Intercoolers, AN Fittings Direct, and All Purpose Pipes, to be later joined by the acquisitions of RCFoam, Xenon Project, and NetEquestrian, among others. Jonworks Interactive is an unrelated entity, however all customers of those stores who have placed orders before a certain date will be invited to play. It would have been cool, cute, harmless, and overall enjoyable to players to put decals for those stores in the game. However it could also be stretched to be a type of in-game advertising, which could again be stretched to be a type of post-purchase payment (by looking at the ads), and that's so contrary to the mission statement of Jonworks Interactive that it's been left out.

I'm stuck and can't advance in the main quest.

There are times in the quest when you have to listen to an entire conversation until the very end to advance the quest. If you clicked Cancel on that dialogue, the quest won't be advanced. If you don't like reading you can just tap Submit really fast. Canceling won't break the quest; you just have to go back and do that part again, and listen to the end. If that doesn't help, make sure you haven't wandered into another player's Home Town. Your own quest won't appear there. Restart the game to make sure. Finally, visit the Library in your Home Town. There are a couple books with general and specific examples of places where people might get stuck in the quest.

How do I get money in game?

There are so many different ways to make money in Averish. The quick answer is to just play through the story. Press E or Escape to bring up your map, then find the white letters (story markers) and visit them. You'll get money as part of playing through the story, plus, all these other ways are explained in the dialogue:

*Play through the main story by visiting the white letters on your map
*Find the treasure chests - there are over 100 hiding in your Home Town
*Play through the RC story, a side-quest where you drive remote control vehicles in puzzle-like missions
*Play through Averish: Dorifuto, a side-quest where you learn to drift and complete checkpoint races
*Build and activate Residential properties - when you activate them Citizens move in and pay you rent
*Sell Things - for example you can build a Cars Manufacturing zone and a Car Dealership, then sell cars you build for more than they cost
*Tourism: By building Airports and Hotels, other Players can pay you to fly into your airport and stay in your hotels
*Mean Tourism: By building Police and Hospital services, other Players can get arrested or injured and have to pay their fines to you
*Racing: There are a half dozen types of Checkpoint Racing in Averish, in cars, 4x4s, airplanes, and on foot. Compete with your friends to get the best time - there's a progressive payout for beating times plus the person who owns the Checkpoint Racing building gets a cut.
*Deconstruction: if you can find a property to buy at the right price, you can take all of the unneeded pieces and make profit

The Library in your Home Town (that brown building at the end of the park) has books explaining each of these ways in detail. Realistically, getting money in Averish can be pretty hard! But also realistically, you'll have more fun and appreciate it more if you build your fortune yourself. Collecting rent from Residential property is the most effective way to build a fortune, because you'll earn 24/7 forever, even when you're not playing the game.

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